Probiotics For Dogs – Keeping Them Healthy Through the Years

dogs vitamins

This whole field of probiotics and microbial was brought to the attention of the scientific world by a Russian biologist by the name of Eli Metchnikoff just after the turn of the 19th century when he found that certain Bulgarian and Russian citizens were living longer as a result of their eating large amounts of fermented milk products. It has also been noted over the years that animals that have been fed good, natural yeast in their diets were healthier than those which were not given this item.

So, as a result of these findings, scientists felt that by combining the benefits of the lactic acid producing bacteria from the fermented milk products and the healthier condition of the animals that were fed food that contained good yeast, maybe this combination could be an extremely beneficial product for animals.

Sometimes, a discussion about dog probiotics and microbial can become very scientific and hard to read, not to mention understand. This is, however, an attempt to explain the benefits of probiotics and microbial for cats and dogs in a manner that can be easily understood. There may be some Latin names of bacteria which are even difficult to pronounce but these terms are sometimes necessary. Please bear with me.

Well, guess what? This product of the combination of these two products mentioned earlier in this writing did come to the attention of the general public a couple of decades or so ago but not for animals. Human beings were the first benefactors of this product. We the people have been reading about and, in fact, feeling the beneficial effects of probiotics and microbial, as they are called now, for quite some time. Some people cannot enjoy a healthy, happy life without taking them. get other info from the link :

First, all puppies and kittens are born with no bacteria—good or bad—in their digestive tracts. As stated previously, bad bacteria grows 3 times as fast as good bacteria, does it not make sense to help these tiny, helpless creatures to fight off the bad influences of the rapid growth of bad bacteria and help them get started with a better chance of survival by providing dog probiotic or microbial at the time of birth.

The second benefit that is apparent is that microbial and probiotics will maintain of the digestive tract by itself that is why the essential nutrients coming from those good dog supplements which is fed to every pets will be absorbed in order to oppose certain growth of the bad bacteria then in that manner fight the pathogenic bacteria on arrival.

dogs vitaminsThirdly, lactic acid producing bacteria, the one used in the good probiotics and microbial products, secretes hydrogen peroxide that creates a condition that is unfavorable to bad bacteria. It has been documented that lactic acid producing bacteria fight the likes of E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium perfringens. This will help to control diarrhea-causing bacteria in new born and young animals. Also, it has been shown that good bacteria (i.e. lactic acid producing bacteria), has long-term beneficial effects in ensuring higher immunity levels against pathogenic bacteria thus helping to restrict their growth in the digestive tract. visit us here!

Following that line, as our pets become more mature, it makes sense to me that maintaining the digestive tract of our older pets will help in vital nutrient absorption to ensure health and vitality and may help fight against things like bloat and arthritis.